Alcohol Policy


A part of our business is selling food and beverages in a bar, restaurant, banquet hall and golf course setting. We are dedicated to our customers’ pleasure and satisfaction. However, when it comes to the sale and service of alcohol, by law, we will not permit drunkenness. Nor will we serve patrons who are troublesome, dangerous or under the legal drinking age.

To support this position, our house policy is as follows:

Permitted Locations for Alcohol Use

Alcohol can be consumed only in licensed locations:

  • The clubhouse
  • Front and Back patios
  • Banquet room
  • The golf course


Alcohol cannot be used in the following locations:

  • Parking lot
  • Driving Range
  • hallways, washrooms
  • On the golf course, if it is not purchased from our refreshment cart.
  • Patrons are forbidden from bringing their own alcohol onto the course. We reserve the right to search bags.
  • Alcohol not purchased from the course will be confiscated.
  • Patrons not complying will be required to leave and fees forfeited.


Underage Customers

You must be 19 years and older to be served alcohol.
ID will be checked. Only an Ontario Driver’s Licence, AGCO BYID card, Canadian Armed Forces I.D. card, Canadian passport or a Canadian Citizenship card will be accepted. Parental declaration of their child’s age is not valid.
Parents or age of majority escorts are prohibited from purchasing, giving or sharing alcoholic drinks with underage guests.

Customer Alcohol Use

  • Staff will not serve anyone to the point of intoxication.
  • Staff will not serve anyone who appears intoxicated. They will be offered free, non-alcohol drinks.
  • Staff will ensure that all alcohol is opened upon purchase so that it can be kept within the licensed area and to serve as a step to help golf course staff identify that the alcohol was purchased from the course.
  • Alcohol is not permitted in the washrooms.
  • Drinking any beverage is not permitted on the dance floor.
  • In the last one hour of an event, only 1 standard drink per person will be permitted.
  • There will be no last call. A posted bar schedule will be made available at the start of each event.
  • The use of illegal drugs is prohibited by law.


Food and Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Staff will offer competitively priced non-alcohol and low alcohol beverages.
Staff will encourage patrons to eat food when drinking alcohol. We offer a wide-variety menu at all times.

Managing the Intoxicated

In the event that a customer becomes intoxicated or is acting dangerously, staff will carefully and politely deal with that person and if necessary seek outside assistance from police.


Anyone deemed unsafe to drive will not be permitted to drive away from the golf course. Our staff will gladly assist patrons to find a safe way home. Please ask for assistance.
Our staff are Smart Serve trained in the legal and safe service of alcohol.
They recognize signs of intoxication and know how to intervene to keep customers safe.

Landings of Willow Creek Golf Course hopes you have a fun, safe and enjoyable experience on every visit.
If you have any questions or concerns, please ask to speak to the manager.