Rain Check Policy


Landings of Willow Creek management and staff consider your safety the top priority during inclement weather. Weather reports, radar screens, and the skies are all monitored diligently during storm watches and warnings.

If golfers choose to end their rounds early due to rain, they will only receive a rain check if they have not yet teed off on the 5th hole.

If golfers choose to leave the course due to lightning all golfers will receive a rain check regardless of what hole they were playing.

Landings of Willow Creek Golf Course is not responsible for the safety of any golfer on the course and it is, therefore, your responsibility to remove yourself from any situation which you deem dangerous.


  • Proceed immediately to the clubhouse — this is the safest place on the premises.
  • Do not continue to golf and do not seek shelter under trees or in power carts. These locations do not protect you from lightning.
  • Solid structures with metal roofs to dissipate lightning strikes are safe places of shelter. Please note that a golf cart does NOT protect you from lightning.